Here I will outline the test I’ve conducted during the CSS portion of my interviews which I briefly mentioned in my article “The death of ‘front-end developers’”. To summarize for those who haven’t (and doesn’t) want to read that article, many “front-end” developers neglect HTML/CSS in practice. In an effort to efficiently gauge candidate’s competency:

I show interviewees some CSS selectors and properties that ranges from basic to competently complex and they’re to describe what they believe the CSS is doing.

Instead of having the interviewees creatively style a solution I want them to act as a browser and describe…

Couple of years ago I started exploring ways to improve the code review process for myself who was spending most of my days reviewing at that time. As I found it very effective for myself I formalized it and made it beneficial for other teams as well. I explored and implemented changes in many areas but one of the greatest value change was how we utilized and wrote pull requests (PRs).

There’s definitely tons we could talk about solely in the PR/review process —standardization, commit messages, rebase/squash, checks, actions, branch management, etc. …

Awesome illustration of working remote.

This year marks my eighth year of working remote and on the way I’ve learned and experienced a lot. I want to talk about those experiences and learnings and hopefully it’ll be helpful or just encouragement for those embarking on this journey.

My journey is broken down into three parts: habits, environment and mental state. There’s overlap of when these happened but they had the most impact chronologically so I’ll cover them in that order.

In the beginning — all about habits

When I first started working remote I had been working in office environments for about 4 years (plus the odd summer office jobs here and…

A walkthrough to build a simple tags input component in React – there’s probably a thousand of these tutorial on the internet already but I had to do one of these recently for… something so you will benefit/suffer with one more of these on the web.

Link to final solution:

Edit: I’ve moved the <input> into the list of tags to ensure that the input always stays inline with the list of tags when possible. Some of the screenshot might not reflect this.

Edit 2: Since React 16 Hooks has been more widely use and writing reusable code a…

A man in a toque writes and reviews code on a laptop and display screen.

Over the years of being a developer I’d like to think I’ve cultivated some healthy habits (and probably an equal amount of bad ones, but that’s for another article).

If I had a time machine I would love to visit my younger self and pass on this wisdom, but we all know that’s impossible. First, because I’m quite lazy and time-travel sounds like a lot of effort. And second, my younger self and I are not really on speaking terms. …

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This must be the oldest debate in programming history. Space versus tabs, which one is more superior indentation method. Space. Always. No, I’m not here to talk about how developers who uses space makes more money. Of course I’d like to believe it’s true — I mean that article has graphs and everything! I’m here to talk about why I believe space is ultimately better than tabs, one word — consistency. Tabs, even in this day and age is just too inconsistent making it an eyesore to read.

I was from the dark side

I used to…

“Holy Batman! Are you figure skating or writing that mixin for responsive breakpoints?”

My director came to me today and asked how we can get more pixel perfect development… “happening”. We discussed the design aspect and of course, the development. I said that the whole front-end development landscape has shifted since we started doing web (late 90s), as I had outlined in The death of “front-end developers”, and I also mentioned that front-end development now is more like figure skating.

“Figure skating?”, he asked

Yes, exactly! I had this thought when after watching this video by Vox. In summary, being more technical and taking technical risk can score higher than perfecting less technical moves. In competition figure…

My public Github profile. So lazy.

If you’re a developer like me, working for a company doing long engagement projects or working for a product company chances are you’re part of a larger team working on parts of a larger app/site. Also, depending on the length of your project, you could only be working on only a handful of projects a year. That’s been my life for the last 4~5 years (on one project a year).

td;dr: avoid Moment.js date calculations in large and deep loops. See

Couple months ago our team was wrapping up our project for testing. Up to this point we’ve been testing with test data or just small sample sets. Everything was working well and we were happy, confident and arrogant (jk). Once QA jumped in and started creating larger sample data the system started to crawl — by crawl I mean barely moving. We were seeing upwards of 12s response time from the server and 6s from the client. …

tl;dr: evaluate what could improve the work environment for your remote employees.

During this Black Friday I replaced my five year old router with a new one, the speed difference was incredible. I was seeing 5x speed increase from the old router — that’s insane. First I thought, who would benefit from my speed gainz? Well of course my friends over at, but also work. Everything became faster and more stable — for work. From video calls to file syncs. Then I thought, work should pay for this router.

Before purchasing the router I didn’t think there was a…

Jerry Low

Front-end engineer by day, front-end designer by night and Batman all of the time for @myplanet #vancouver.

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